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                  Control device for triggered discharger

     The discharger control device or the spark gap ignition unit is designed to initiate the breakdown of the interelectrode gap at a given time. The high-voltage pulse generated by the ignition unit is fed directly to the switching electrodes of the spark gap from the high-voltage terminals. Structurally, the ignition unit is a housing in which a pulse high-voltage transformer and an electronic control unit are located. It has a socket for connecting to a network and a socket for connecting a control pulse.
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                            Control device for triggered air discharger
     The discharger control device is a converter of the control signal into a high-voltage pulse required to ignite the controlled discharger.
     The control device does not require any special maintenance. It is necessary to ensure that foreign objects (especially metal) do not fall into the gap between the insulator and the cover, as this can lead to a short circuit and damage to the device. The device may be damaged if the supply voltage exceeds 250 V. The device case must be grounded using the grounding terminal.
     To start the device, a positive control pulse is required - a voltage of 10-15 V, I = 0.05-0.3 A and a duration of at least 3 μs. The secondary winding of the transformer is isolated from the primary winding. The dielectric strength between the windings is up to 60 kV DC voltage.

     Physical description of control device
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