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              High-voltage dischargers (arresters)

A high-voltage discharger is a device designed to switch electrical energy due to electrical breakdown of an insulating medium. This is a device that instantly changes its electrical conductivity when a discharge occurs between the electrodes.
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                                High-voltage dischargers (arresters)
ASD (air-spark discharger), can be produced as controlled (with a middle electrode) and not controlled.

We can also offer air spark dischargers with the following parameters:

1. Range of switched voltage 0 ... 125 kV.
2. Range of response time 50… 300 ns.
3. Range of self-inductance 30 ... 300 nH.
4. Range of pulse repetition rate 0… 1000 Hz.
5. Energy range per pulse 0 ... 100 kJ.
6. Range of discharge current 1 ... 1000 kA.
     The dischargers are used as high-speed switches in pulse current generators, communication devices, location devices, nuclear and experimental physics, etc. According to the principle of operation, dischargers are divided into:

-controlled, i.e. triggered at a given time from a control action (electrical impulse, optical or ionizing radiation);
- not controlled, statistically triggered after reaching a certain voltage level on their electrodes.

Controlled dischargers find wider application.
     The dischargers can be classified according to the type of dielectric:
-gas dischargers of atmospheric and high pressure (spark);
-low pressure or vacuum dischargers;
-the dischargers with a liquid dielectric;
-solid dielectric dischargers, which usually use synthetic films with high electrical strength.

         The most widespread at present time are air-spark and vacuum dischargers. The advantages and disadvantages of various dischargers are shown in the table:
Physical description of air-spark dischargers
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