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                                High Voltage Charge Devices

     High voltage Charge Devices are designed for Capacitor Charging Pulse Current Generators and other devices. Designed to operate without damage or interruption in rugged environments, they support an intensive use 24 hours per day, 7days per week. (Duty cycle 100%).
     HVT block is merged in an oil tank for all higher Voltage models.
     They integrate with resonant technology and offer high reliability and performance.
     These units supplied with removed monitoring and control, short circuit and overload protection like in all our products.

These high-voltage devices consist of:
1) the high-voltage high-frequency transformer with the rectifier placed in an oil tank (HVT). HVT is destined for transferring, increasing  and rectifying voltage.
     Ten ranges of charge rates available from 1 kJ/s to 10 kJ/s and more.

     Much higher powers more than 10 kJ/s can be reached by using a master/slaves architecture of charge devises and corresponded control-unit. Used circuit designs allow to receive the charge device with required parameters by means of series-parallel connection of cells.
     With its low cost per Joule/s, this HV devices is particularly well adapted in applications looking for high power and performance at affordable prices.

Electrical specifications of High Voltage Charge Devices

Output Voltage and Output Current
Both Voltage Output and Current Output are continuously adjustable
from 0 to 100 % (full scale)
In remote mode: by using power buttons resolution 0.05%

Current regulation
Load Regulation: ± 0.05 % of full current (for 0 – 100 % load)

Against short circuit & HV arc to ground
Shutdown on over temperature & open interlock

Operating temperature: from 0 to 40°C

Efficiency: > 87 % full load

Mains Voltage: 380-400 VAC ±10% 45 – 65 Hz 3 Phases + Earth

Inrush current: limited to full power operating current

     Air Cooling by air. Reversibility and floating outputs. (Polarity can be positive, negative, floating or reversible). The source can have a modular structure, and consist of separate independent cells and a united control unit, assembled in a post. Control mode secures cells work control, their uniform load.

     Customer remote adaptation.

     Any special requests can be considered.

                       Physical description of High Voltage Charge Devices
                                                                                             Trakonta ltd
                                          Pulse current generators
     We can offer you high-voltage charge devices, the parameters of which are in the following ranges:

     1. Output voltage Range: 0 ... 125 kV.
     2. Output current range 0...100 A.
     3. Output power range 0...60 kJ/s.
2) the high-frequency converter is used for converting the network voltage to high-frequency voltage. This device is destined for HVT energizing.
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